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Spring Update!
Posted 26th June 2017

With the lovely weather now settled in for the Summer, here are a few fish caught by RLC anglers over the Spring.

First up is "Blush" from Bathampton AA's tricky Hunstrete water, caught by Luke Mittins on a Fungi pop-up on a hinged stiff rig setup. Blush weighed 38lb 4oz.


Here is David Whitehouse with a 37lb 6oz mirror from Linear's Brasenose 2. The fish fell to a Manilla boilie tipped with corn.


2015/16 ICCC Team Finalised
Posted 7th August 2016

The RLC team to compete in the 2015/16 Inter-corps Carp Championship (ICCC) has been finalised following a three-round qualifying campaign.

Competing over three events, RLC anglers have been wittled down to a final six, to compete as three pairs, at the famous Wraysbury 1 in September.

As holders of the ICCC crown, the RLC will be particularly keen to field as strong a team as possible.

With Andy Limbrick sadly unavailable to compete, it is Tim Woodward, Mark Hinchliffe, Ian Winks, Gaz Porch, Ricki Booth and Ben Wilson that make up the team.

For the first time the team will be supported by Pilgrim Baits. See www.pilgrimbaits.co.uk for their great range of boilies, including the K2 and Fungi, as well as dips and pop-ups.

The final standings

Name Pts Pos
Andy Limbrick 27 1
Tim Woodward 24 2
Mark Hinchliffe 22 3
Ian Winks 19 4
Gaz Porch 18 5
Ricki Booth 17 6
Ben Wilson 15 7
Matty Fender 15 7
Thomas Birkin 4 8
John Rutherford 12 9
Steve Taylor 11 10
Ryan Muirhead 0 11
David Whitehouse 10 11
Gav Thomas 9 12
Jamie Scott 9 12
Micky Spann 8 13
Dave Howe 8 13
Chris Spaul 7 14
Ben Cooper 7 14
David Hepworth 6 15
Ben Peden 3 16
Andy Davies 2 17
Joe Webster 1 18
Stu Phillips 1 18
Sandy Middleton 1 18


The RLC win the 2015 Inter-Corps Carp Championship!
Posted 30th September 2015

For the second time in the events history, the Army Inter-Corps Carp Championship has been won by the Royal Logistic Corps.

Fishing on the legendary Wraysbury complex, the RLC ran out winners with a total of 59lb across the three pairs, narrowly beating an "Adhoc" team from multiple Regiments and Corps, and the Royal Artillery in third place.

The RLC led for much of the match, with John Hall giving the team the perfect start with a lovely dark 10lb 5oz Mirror (right) from Wraysbury 1 using the solid bag approach over a large bed of pellets

John Hall with his 10lb 4oz Mirror

The RLC were soon pegged back by the Royal Artillery pair on the same lake, who built up a large weight through multiple fish, and led the field heading into the first night.

The momentum soon swang the RLC's way however, with John Porch catching a 14lb 4oz Mirror on Wraysbury 2 to regain the lead.

The highlight of the match fell to Alex Rockett on the second day, with "Pawprint" at 39lb, but it was the smaller fish from the RLC team that took the title, with the pair of John Hall and Ricky Booth catching a number of doubles through the second day.

A quiet morning on the final day, with the match finely balanced, led to a nail biting finish, as a fish for the Royal Artillery would have taken the title for them, but it was not to be and the RLC took the win to add to their first ICCC success in 2012.

The winning RLC team

Inter-Corps Carp Championships 2015
Posted 14th September 2015

The team for the 2015 Inter-Corps Carp Championships has been selected and is as follows:

SSgt Ben Peden (Captain)
SSgt Luke Mittins (Vice-Captain)
Cpl Keith Henderson
Cpl Gareth Porch
Cpl Ricki Booth
LCpl John Hall

The team will fish as 3 pairs on the 48 hour competition, which this year will be fished on the historic Wraysbury 1 for the first time.

Wraysbury is steeped in British Carp angling folklore, and has previously contained the British record "Mary" as well as other legendary big carp.

The current lake record is "King Fungus" at 47lb+ with many other huge fish on offer.

We will once again be supported by CC Moore and their range of boilies and other baits, giving us the best possible chance of reclaiming the title we last won in 2012.


Inter-Corps Carp Championships 2014
Posted 30th September 2014

Once again the various Corps of the British Army descended upon Walthamstow Reservoirs in London for the Inter-Corps Carp Championship.

The RLC were divided into three pairs across Reservoirs 1, 2 and 3. Reservoir 1 was tackled by team Captain Ben Peden and Keith Henderson, Reservoir 2 was Luke Mittins and Ben Vine, and Reservoir 3 was Andy Harvey and Gareth Porch.

The RLC carp team 2014

Following a disappointing 2013 event, the team were keen to regain the title they last won in 2012, and made a strong start, with Ben Vine banking a 21lb mirror from the unfancied "Island 2" swim on a CC Moore Equinox bottom bait.
Fish were coming thick and fast, with the Royal Engineers on Reservoir 2 also catching from the off to finish with a 7 fish haul that included The Big Common at 43lb. However the RLC were also to get among the big fish, with a lake record mirror carp of 36lb 7oz falling to Keith Henderson on Reservoir 1. A CC Moore Northern Special pop-up fished in the margins among heavy weed led to the fishes downfall.

Keith's 36lb 7oz lake record from Reservoir 1

Elsewhere on Reservoir 3 there was more action to come, and Andy Harvey banked a 27lb 5oz mirror from a CC Moore Live System bottom bait to leave the RLC in a strong position, with bonus points for catching on all three lakes.

A further thirty of 36lb on reservoir 2 fell to a CC Moore Odyssey XXX bottom bait, but catches elsewhere left the RLC down in a respectable 4th place.

Despite a further mid double from Ben Vine, again on Reservoir 2, it was the Royal Engineers who prevailed to take the title for a third time, leaving the Infantry in second, the Royal Signals third, and the RLC fourth of ten teams.

Though just outside the podium places, the RLC were able to bank two of the three biggest fish in the competition and won the bonus prizes for biggest fish on Reservoirs 1 and 2.

Luke's 36lb fish from Reservoir 2 and Andy's 27lb mirror from Reservoir 3
Sponsor and Team News
Posted 28th July 2013

RLC-Carpers are pleased to unveil CC Moore as their sponsor for the 2013 Inter-Corps Carp Championship. CC Moore baits need no introduction, responsible for captures of massive carp across the UK and Europe.

With a title to defend, we can think of no better bait partner in our pursuit of a second title in as many years.

The team for the competition in September has been picked by new Captain Ben Peden:

Ben Peden
Chris Beardshaw
Chris Tucker
Ben Vine
Keith Henderson
John Rutherford

The RLC win the 2012 Army Inter-Corps Champs!
Posted 19th September 2012

For the first time in the events history the RLC ran out winners by a margin of 1.5 points, in an Inter-Corps match that went down to the wire. A strong showing by RLC anglers Ben Peden and Chris Tucker in particular was enough to hold off the Army Medical Services and earn the RLC the prizes from the Army sponsor, Starbaits.

Fishing at the popular Walthamstow 1, 2 and 3 reservoirs in London, each team had a pair per reservoir.

The RLC carp angling team and their prizes

On reservoir 3 were the Yorkshire pair of Ben Peden and Simon Johnson. After a quiet first day they started the second with a bang, in the shape of a 25lb 5oz mirror on a Steve Renyard Contrast Enigma wafter on the chod.
Elsewhere on reservoir 2 the RLC's captain Daffyd Gould, paired with Luke Mittins, were struggling for a bite, as were the remainder of the lake. As darkness fell not a single fish had been taken.

Chris Tucker with his 23lb 4oz common

Into day two and reservoir 1 continued to produce fish as the others struggled, but the RLC pair didn't hook another fish until 8pm. Fortunately it was another good fish, a common weighing 23lb 4oz and a new personal best for Chris Tucker. With other teams catching this was a crucial fish, giving the RLC a commanding lead heading into the final day.

Just a couple of hours later the RLC came close to wrapping up the whole match, as Luke Mittins hooked a fish on reservoir 2. After a 20 minute battle the fish was lost in a bed of mussels, snapping the leader. Had the fish been landed the RLC would have caught on every reservoir, earning bonus points and an almost unassailable lead.

On Reservoir 1 an AMS angler hooked a fish with just 25 minutes remaining, and only lost it in heavy weed after a 15 minute battle. Had the fish been landed and weighed over 10lbs, the AMS would have earned the bonus points for catching on every lake, winning the cup. However it was the RLC that prevailed, and after leading the match from start to finish it was a first ever victory in the Inter Corps Carp Championship for the Royal Logistic Corps.

More photos can be found on the Gallery page.


Video report by Ben Peden on his "Carp Adventures" youtube channel:



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